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The Eastern Region Group functions as a boutique, skillfully managing a diverse array of business tasks tailored to the unique requirements of entrepreneurs, investors, their families, and key employees.


Since 2020, we've assisted entrepreneurs in launching or transferring businesses in the UAE, handling tax planning, documentation, opening bank accounts, and relocating capital and employees.
Experience seamless company redomiciliation worldwide with our tailored solutions, enabling swift and hassle-free transitions. Benefit from our comprehensive corporate support, simplifying the process of registering and managing your business in the UAE, regardless of the activity type or jurisdiction.

Moreover, our services extend to global concierge services and visa support, guaranteeing a smooth and effortless experience for you.


Unlock your business potential in the UAE with personalized assistance for registering, relocating, and maintaining your venture. Choose from over 50 diverse Free Zones or the Mainland, as we guide you through the process from start to finish. Maximize your opportunities and thrive with our tailored solutions.
Comprehensive support in seamlessly redomiciling or changing the tax jurisdiction of your company, whether on a global or local scale. We ensure strict compliance with the laws of the country where your business is registered or established, all while preserving and nurturing existing business relationships as required.

Relocation and business setup in the UAE

Company redomiciliation

Support your business in the UAE with our confidential services. From administration and operational management to accounting and legal expertise, we provide tailored solutions for tax, visa, and annual license renewals. Say goodbye to the need for a full staff while ensuring your business thrives.
Experience a personalized approach when selecting real estate for rent, purchase, and investment. Our services cater to your specific requirements, whether you're considering under-construction or ready-made properties or exploring the secondary market. Furthermore, we offer seamless assistance in transferring funds to the UAE for property booking or full payment, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.
Bespoke assistance in organizing family or private funds and trusts in the UAE. Tailored for businessmen, our services ensure the preservation of assets and capital from third-party claims, while offering succession planning options and access to global financial markets.
Effortlessly open and manage bank accounts with our end-to-end assistance. We handle document preparation, office rental for bank verification, and accompany you for meetings with bank staff. Simplify your banking experience with us.
Elevate your lifestyle with our unparalleled service with our lifestyle management and personal concierge services. Immerse yourself in first-class experiences as we provide seamless arrangements for car rentals, private planes, helicopters, and yachts. From booking tickets and hotels to securing exclusive reservations at restaurants and boutiques, we ensure every detail is taken care of.
Comprehensive assistance in securing an Entry Permit, Emirates ID, and residency visa, including the coveted Golden Visa, for business owners, investors, their families, and key employees in the UAE. Benefit from our full-scale visa support services worldwide and expert guidance on obtaining a second passport.

Residency Visas

Bank account opening

Corporate Services and Consulting

Real Estate

Family Funds and Trusts

Concierge Services

No corporate or personal income taxes and the possibility of avoiding double taxation.


Easy process to open and manage personal and company bank accounts in UAE banks.

Bank accounts

By opening a company in the UAE, you, your family, and your partners can obtain Emirates ID and residency visas.

Residency status

State guarantee for the safety of foreign investments and free capital movement.

Why you should start a business in the UAE

Investment protection

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Personalized consultations with a lawyer
Personal financial advisor
Capital relocation services
Family office services
Legal representation and court services
Real estate consultations in the UAE
Personal assistant services in the UAE
Driver's license acquisition services
Ejari registration services
Document legalization services

Company registration and redomiciliation services
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Company and business acquisition services in the UAE
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