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Unlock Your Business Potential in UAE

Business Set Up
Relocation and Business Setup in the UAE
Unlock your business potential in the UAE with personalised assistance for registering, relocating, and maintaining your venture. Choose from over 50 diverse Free Zones or the Mainland, as we guide you through the process from start to finish. Maximise your opportunities and thrive with our tailored solutions.

One of the key draws of the UAE is its tax-friendly setting. While the corporate tax rate varies depending on a company's profits, as of 2024, it stands at a low 9%. Moreover, the nation imposes no personal income taxes. Nevertheless, it's important to note the presence of VAT (Value Added Tax), which applies to specific goods and services. Furthermore, various Free Zones provide tailored benefits such as customs duty exemptions and the ability to repatriate profits.
Company Redomiciliation
We provide comprehensive support in seamlessly redomiciling or changing your company's tax jurisdiction, whether on a global or local scale. We ensure strict compliance with the country's laws where your business is registered or established, all while preserving and nurturing existing business relationships as required. We can also assist with relocation and business setup in the UAE.

When you choose to redomicile your company to the UAE, you gain a significant advantage over setting up a new entity from scratch. Unlike starting anew, redomiciliation allows you to seamlessly transition your company's operations without the need to re-sign contracts with existing counterparties or open a new bank account, ensuring continuity and minimising disruptions to your ongoing business relationships and financial arrangements.
Residency Visas
Various methods exist for obtaining UAE residence, each with its own speed but establishing your own business in the UAE stands out as the quickest route to acquiring a visa.

To obtain a visa by establishing a mainland company you need to follow these steps:

  • Register your company
  • Obtain an establishment card. Receive your entry permit.
  • Apply for an Emirates ID
  • Complete necessary medical tests.
  • Get your UAE visa

We offer comprehensive end-to-end support in securing Entry Permits, Emirates IDs, and residency visas, including the highly sought-after Golden Visa, tailored specifically for corporate entities, business owners, investors, their families, and key employees establishing presence in the UAE.
Bank Account Opening

Effortlessly open and manage bank accounts with our end-to-end assistance. We handle document preparation and office rental for bank verification and accompany you for meetings with bank staff. We assist in preparing necessary bank documents such as certified company incorporation papers, company profile, shareholder passport copies, shareholder CVs, 6-month bank statements, Emirates ID, residence visa copies, and UAE residential address proof.

Standard processing times vary depending on the type of application. Digital applications typically take 14 days, while in-person applications may require 25 working days or more, depending on their complexity.
What are the benefits?
  • Corporate Tax:
    Elevate your financial standing in a tax-efficient landscape where corporate tax rates vary based on profits, yet stand at a minimal 9%.
  • Flexible Regulations:
    Navigate seamlessly through business-friendly regulations in the UAE.
  • High ROI:
    Invest in a stable economy for impressive returns.
  • Global Financial Access:
    Tap into diverse financial centers from Dubai.
  • Banking Convenience:
    Access a wide range of local and international banking services.
  • Freehold Real Estate:
    Secure valuable assets in UAE freehold areas.

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